About Honeysuckle Cottage Sales

The importance of trust

Trusting someone means you believe they have integrity, are reliable and will communicate honestly. Trust allows you to have confidence and feel safe and secure. Trust is something that people in a relationship can build together when they know, like and respect each other.

Many business owners fall in love with their products. But as the owner of Honeysuckle Cottage Sales, Toni Dosouto and her Team of Seamstresses, fall in love, first with their customers.

Of course, we love the feeling of sharing with our customers, the happiness, smiles and joy that Honeysuckle products provide when they’re given as gifts to someone you care about.

Honeysuckle Cottage Sales has been serving Canadians from coast to coast to coast for over 30 years. In addition, we love working with our family of Respected Retailers (who are proud to offer our Home Décor products) to their valued customers in each of the many communities across Canada, they serve.  

We believe in our Honeysuckle Cottage Sales, “Triangle of Trust.”

This means, nothing is more important than the on-going Trusting relationship that exists between our Customers, our family of Retailers and everyone at Honeysuckle Cottage Sales.

We thank you for your Trust for the past 30 years and many more years to come.  We Trust you won’t keep Honeysuckle Cottage Sales a “Secret.”